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You wanted Custom made, we listened.

Custom made is not created equal.  When you would like to gift a custom made gift, we work with you to create a special and unique arrangement your recipient will love.  Because of the nature of a custom made gift and the availability of our handcrafted luxuries, no two gifts will be the same.  From the decor to the unboxing experience, you have already become a superhero! That’s when you hear the “ahah”, the “wow’s, the "thank you so much" or any other other exclamations that signal happy emotions.  

Congratulations to you and to us, we have made someone happy!   The boxes are versatile and the containers will vary.  The finishing touches will vary but we will try our best to accommodate any requests upon availability of products.  

Your gift box may include a variety of the following luxury treats:  soaps, scrubs, lotion, soap dish, gift card, bath salts, room sprays, bath fizzies...etc

NB. ribbons/bows colors and packaging will vary depending on availability

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