Clean Hands - 8 oz

Clean Hands - 8 oz

Savons Des Îles

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On the Go?

Have your ran to the store and shocked that it was out of these portable items for a quick "waterless" hand cleaning? Well, don't panic, because we have them in "limited" stock, but we have them!

Our own and simple but effective formula will keep you at least until you can find some soap and water.  On the go? No problem, just give a quick 3-4 sprays and rub your hands.  That will do the trick to clean your hands.

The best part, it contains 4 ingredients, the main one being Isopropyl Alcohol (95/99.9%).  We cut the dryness with Aloe Vera or Glycerin.  That's it.

Our best advice is to wash your hands with soap and water, but when not available our travel size bottle of Clean hands will do the job effectively.