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It's not just another Room Spray

Room sprays are great for freshening up. There are instances when a room needs an extra boost of scent.  You have guests coming over or you are a clean freak like me.  A hint of a scent just when needed et "Voila" will take care of it simply and quickly.

Voila is a fresh of a wonderful product.  It is not toxic, It is natural and it is simple!  It is effortless, It smells great and does not take space in your cabinet.

How to use:  Just 2-3 quick bursts of Voila delivers the right amount of eau de parfum you need to linger for just a tad. Note: concentrated room spray.


• Water

• Natural derived surfactant

• Natural derived preservative

• Fragrance

If not available, don't worry, it's in production.  Just write us a note and we will let you know when it will be ready.