We are Back....let's update you on a few things!

We are Back....let's update you on a few things!

Happy New Year you all!!!!!!!

It's been quite some time since we chatted. The 2018 holiday season was very busy and we could not be more grateful.  2019 is already showing its potential and we are committed to quality production.  You will see more of Savons Des Iles in blog posts, and social medias.  Thank you for sharing our journey with us.  

Here is what we accomplished so far:

In December of 2017, we opened a small studio in Haiti.  It was always a dream of ours to be able to offer our products back home.  We participated in a radio announcement for a holiday boutique that featured many other artisans.  This activity put us on the map.  Many people were testing our samples and just like that, the word got around!  There is a new soap company in town and its name is Savons Des Îles !!!!!

2018 saw an increase in production from 30 soap bars a week to 120 soap bars. The access to organic local ingredients made our decision to open our studio the more worthwhile.  It's a true blessing to be able to talk to Haitian farmers, watching the herbs and vegetable plantations and knowing that lives are impacted on different scales.  This is our joy, the true joy behind our passion of soap making.

We also created our own organic garden.  We have a myriad of plants from aloe vera to lemongrass growing and we proudly use them in our recipes.  This is what makes "your soap bars" special and unique.

During the year, we introduced new products for the Haitian market.  After many tests, we unveiled our odor neutralizers, body splashes, Sugar and Salt Scrubs.  They have been great add-ons to our fantastic line of luxury soaps.  A new "favor" line has been in the works.  We are not quite done but have had 3 satisfied "tester" clients.

Our first soap making class for kids occurred during the spring!  Safety and Fun were the most relevant "to do" on this experience.  What an enjoyable affair this was!!!!!!!!  Take 15 kids from 7-12, some kid friendly ingredients and accessories and a lady that loves interacting and teaching her craft and you will end up with a memorable 1 hour and 30 minutes project!  We are so excited to do this again.  We welcome all schools to contact us!

We also worked on our online webstore and product packaging.  Our luxury handmade bars come nestled in an elegant recyclable box that fits the prestige of our brand.  The feedback has been overwhelmingly spectacular.  

Watch out for a few more products in 2019 and if you have not tried our handmade soaps, it's now time to do so.  It's simply said, but we guarantee your satisfaction.  Go on, check out our webstore, www.savonsdesiles.com and start with one bar.  We are convinced that you will come back for more!!!!!!!!!

If you have some time, come by for a visit.  Our studio is modest (it's not a store but you can certainly grab a few items there) and I would love to chat.  Just an appointment is needed!  The information is provided below!

Yes, We are back for a jolly and productive year!  Thank you for your support and See you soon!




P.S Remember that we also have a studio in Florida.  All orders destined for the US should be done online: www.savonsdesiles.com - Use US market on the drop down menu in product page.

Haiti orders and Visits (appointments): 163, Route de Freres, Entrée Promobois - (509) 3402-7375.

Kid Workshop or parties: Call for information and reservation - (509) 3402-7375.



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