My Unforgettable Experience at Cosmoprof USA Las Vegas: A Journey of Soaps, Connections, and Dreams

My Unforgettable Experience at Cosmoprof USA Las Vegas: A Journey of Soaps, Connections, and Dreams

July 10th - July 13th, 2023

Dear readers,

I cannot contain my excitement as I sit down to share my incredible journey at Cosmoprof USA Las Vegas this past July. It was an experience filled with passion, innovation, and heartfelt connections that left me with unforgettable memories. As the founder of Savons Des Îles, my dream came to life as I had the privilege of presenting our exquisite soaps and connecting with distributors and fellow enthusiasts in the beauty industry.

Cosmoprof USA Las Vegas was truly a mecca for all things beauty, where both established brands and rising stars gathered to showcase their unique products. This year, my brand, Savons Des Îles, had the honor of being a part of this grand event. The moment I set foot in the buzzing convention center, I felt a surge of excitement mingled with a dash of nerves. However, the warm ambiance and the genuine enthusiasm of the attendees quickly put me at ease.

The opportunity to present my handcrafted soaps was a dream come true. I poured my heart into creating each soap, infusing them with the essence of the islands, and it was a joy to see the positive response from visitors who experienced them firsthand. From the invigorating aroma of the Black Soap to the soothing comfort of the Oats and Milk Soap, and the delicate elegance of the Orchidée Soap, each product had its own story to tell.

Beyond showcasing my creations, the real magic lay in the connections I made. I had the privilege of meeting potential distributors who showed genuine interest in collaborating with Savons Des Îles. These connections, forged with trust and shared passion, hold the promise of bringing our island-inspired soaps to a broader audience, allowing more people to experience the beauty of the tropics with every wash.

To all my dear customers who have been supporting Savons Des Îles on this journey, I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude. Your love and encouragement have been the driving force behind my brand's success. And for those who couldn't make it to Cosmoprof USA Las Vegas, worry not! The featured items showcased at the event - the Black Soap, Oats and Milk Soap, the hippie bar, Lost zebra, Moringa and Aloe and Orchidée Soap - are still available to make your summer experience extraordinary.

To make this experience even more special for you, I am thrilled to offer an exclusive incentive. Simply use the coupon code "thankyou10" during checkout to receive a generous 10% discount on your entire purchase. It's my way of expressing my appreciation for your support and encouraging you to embrace the essence of Savons Des Îles.

As I wrap up this blog post, my heart is filled with gratitude and excitement for the future. The connections made at Cosmoprof USA Las Vegas have set the stage for greater things to come. Together, we will embark on a journey to bring a slice of the islands into the lives of countless individuals, adding a touch of luxury and nature to their daily routines.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey, and I look forward to sharing more updates, stories, and island-inspired creations with you all.

With love and gratitude,

Johanne Nicoleau

Founder of Savons Des Îles

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