Let's talk "unique" gift giving during this Holiday Season

Let's talk "unique" gift giving during this Holiday Season

Dear Savons Des Îles Family,

The 2019-2021 era has been quite a "challenge".  Covid-19 hit us hard!   We have cried, mourned the loss of loved ones and friends, but we have also celebrated the recovery of many, we have been gifted with time to reflect, time spent in endless zoom calls with family and friends, time to enjoy nature, time to get back to basics.  We all learned a lot.

Let us share some feelings of joy and bring on new hope into our lives with Savons Des Îles.  Join us and let us uplift your spirits. It is our pleasure to share our simple, yet elegant, wholesome, effective self care and well-being products that will renew and replenish you.

We have put together some great gift ideas such as: Precious Boxes, Treasure bags, our collection of candles and other treats that we believe that you will truly appreciate.  Gift giving this Holiday Season will be an "elegant and easy experience" from the comfort of your home.  Your loved one will feel the care, the love and effort to keep you united from afar.


You can also view the ones we have selected for you here and browse other items as you wish.  We have a special little gift you can use as you checkout.  Type in THANKYOU10 it is our way to thank you for your support!

**Please note that items may sell out fast.  We do serve globally but if you are ordering to ship to the USA, Canada and Europe, please choose "US Market" as your product fulfillment on the product page to add to cart.**

SDI family and friends, we wish this end of year to be filled with happy moments, moments spent with loved ones whether it be together, on the phone, via a tablet or a zoom conference.  Rejoice in the fact that besides everything, we all have each other.   Remember to stay safe and follow the health guidelines.  Happy Holidays!


With gratitude,


Johanne and the entire SDI Staff

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