How about a "Yes Me" challenge for 2022?

How about a "Yes Me" challenge for 2022?

I have always been a people pleaser.  Seriously. Most of my life. Until one's the very first occurence that comes to mind.... when I stood up to a bully and said "No More".

I would not consider myself a weak person, but how long was I going to let Johanne in hiding, let others stomp on her?  I was 22 then, the day I opened my eyes and saw the real value of "me".  Ever since then, I make sure that "she" (me) is taken care of.

The skincare experience did not come until later when I indulged into the world of making "stuff" from scratch out of curiosity.  I love creating products for a purpose.  Now, I want to invite you, seriously, let's go on this voyage of "Yes Me".  I believe that we are all worth it and that we deserve to value ourselves.  

I am giving you the opportunity to indulge in yourself by trying our amazing bath and body.....even home products we have to offer!

Yes, you are worth it.  Yes you deserve to take care of yourself.  Yes you have access to luxurious yet affordable carefully handmade bath treats just for you!

Our "Yes Me" challenge encourages you to take longer showers with our moisturizing and cleansing soaps, relaxing baths with our natural sea salts and or bath fizzies, nice massages at your favorite wellness center using our amazing emulsified sugar scrubs, quiet time with yourself reading a book, drinking coffee or tea while burning a nice candle. 

Let's do this....together! 


With love,


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