Soy candle, a handmade treat, a tale to tell.

In August of 2015, before I made soap, I picked up some supplies to make candles. I was so invested in the "how to" of candle making process that along with my soap shopping list, I bought all supplies I needed to make candles.

In reality, I thought making candles would require less time to make.  I was right but my curiosity only lasted just a few days. my excitement quickly died down.  For one, the supplies I bought at a hobby store were not the best quality and although my candles looked beautiful, the HT (heat throw) was not the best....or rather inexistant.

Fast forward to 2019, I decided to revisit the art of making candles and I fell in love with soy wax.  You see, not only does it look better when poured, it offers an excellent throw when lit. I have tested many fragrances, as essential oils do not work well and can actually be toxic.   I love every step of the candle making process, but most importantly, I love to package my candles.  After a long day, if you want to relax, turn on some soft music, light your candle and let your mind transport you into scent heaven.  I do hope you try one of our creations.  They are available on our webstore.  


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