Our Surprise!

Our Surprise!

What a year 2020 has been!  Many of us have experienced difficult times.  Many of us have lost family members and perhaps friends.  As I contemplate how a virus can put the world to its knees, I am amazed at how powerful human kindness is.  In honor of all, I was inspired to do something to bring in light and hope into the new year.

Say hello to Trio!  I paired the new and improved La Neige with our new products: Sapin and Fruit Explosion.

La Neige and Sapin are practically "Christmas in a jar".  Their distinctive but "holiday" type scent will excite your senses while giving your home a delightful aroma.  Fruit Explosion will open up the new year with promises of better days.

I chose soy wax to make our luxury candles.  While I know that there is a world of candles out there, I am asking you to trust our candle making process.  Here is why: 

1) Our soy wax is natural, and is free of toxins, carcinogens or pollutants

2) It is environmentally friendly because it is derived from soybeans, a renewable source.

3) It burns cleaner and slower and lasts longer

4) It is water soluble

5) our wick are made of cotton and are zinc and lead free

6) We use premium Fragrances

7) They are made in small batches for better quality control

Our collection is simple for you to make easy decisions.  Our pick for a first try is definitely La Neige, follow that with Sapin, Pomme Verte or Fruit Explosion.  Or you may choose from any of them to start because honestly, they are wonderful and I love them all!

See you at the cart!  Happy Shopping!


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