What's in a Large Pillow gift box?

What's in a Large Pillow gift box?


What is inside this Gift box?


Nowadays, people pride themselves in gifting the most "original" gift.  I have to admit, I am such a person.  When designing this box, I walk into that "consumer mentality".  I truly would like the recipient to feel that I went through some lengths: 1) considering who they are, their character as a person, their likes and dislikes 2) gifting while being considerate to our environment 3) the state of mind while opening the gift, what I call the unboxing experience. etc.  There are different factors that people consider before gifting, but the most important I find that is common nowadays is that people want to participate in "other's well being".   This is actually so precious to me and I love that there is still  "good" in humanity.  Seriously, who would have thought that gifting handmade luxurious soaps was such an elegant and thoughtful gesture?


First of all, packaging these is an enjoyable activity.  Yes, even the packaging is planned!!  I have all sorts of tools and accessories to enhance the unboxing experience.  It's for a birthday? a thank you? a just because gift (or simply put, any occasion)?  I have you covered.  I think I have found a "Chic" way to intertwine recycled materials, natural products and glimpse of happiness in one!  Inside the gift box, I include 2 super amazing soaps bars, a fun and interesting literature about Savons des Iles, a congratulatory note and card (yes, the envelope and card are handmade by yours truly).  The entire box is wrapped every single time with a smile and/ or in a joyful and relaxed atmosphere.  I actually think that the vibes of that session are still there with the recipient as they open their gift:)

It's never too late to love the skin you are in, thank you for sharing the message with others!



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