What we believe in!

We believe that the truth equips you for better decision making, that Nature, almost always, has an answer to a situation. As such, The artistry and make-up of a handcrafted soap deeply connects nature with individuals so they can express themselves freely.
We believe that access to good handmade soaps should not be a privilege but a choice.   You have the right to wear a clean skin with pride and each skin type has a story to tell! We believe our "Haitian" Castor oil ( aka Palma Kristi ) to be an indispensable ingredient in our formulation. Every ingredient, every additive sourced from our Haiti, ends in a beautiful tale that your skin will reflect.
We want to live in a world where morality is prioritized, truth is spoken, nature is used for the good and is not abused, where breakfast is taken by the beach and where you "siesta" under coconut trees, and where rhythms of the drums will guide you to dance through the night wearing your most beautiful skin.
We are obsessed with quality and we love to share our passion of soap making. We want you to feel amazing as you would with chic clothes on. We make beautiful soaps free of phtalates, parabens and other chemicals, because your trust in a good product, as close to nature as possible, is what we genuinely offer to you.
We are determined in our quest of finding pure Haitian ingredients that can be added during every single soap making process to provide you with products that your skin will love.
Join us in our movement to promote wearing your skin proudly.  Be Sophisticated, be playful, be graceful feel amazing!  We have been waiting for you! 
Welcome to Savons des îles!

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