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Are you wondering why we (humans) tend to pay more attention to our skin and our environment late in adulthood?  I don't know for the younger generation, but I know I started not long ago and until this day, I ask myself the reason why, since the information was available to me early on. 

My passion for soap making has taken me to a wonderful adventure where learning takes place daily.  I am always looking for what is better and how to live a healthier life with nature available products!  I have been studying fruits, vegetables, root and derivative oils, reading about do's and don't, taking classes and talking to elders!  It is so exciting and I enjoy sharing my knowledge through the products that I offer to you! 


For exemple, take the Aloe Vera plant.  I have a section of my garden with a dozen of them, some of which have been growing for 7 years.  The picture above is of an actual leaf that I have washed and prepared for my soaping session. The Aloe Vera has many benefits and I encourage you to do your own research if you want in depth details. From what I have learned, the aloe gel (I scrape it as I clean the leaf, and blend it to obtain the juice) has some cleansing and antibacterial properties.  I was sold once I used it on my own skin.  I am not making any medical claims, but I urge you to try it yourself.  Try one of our luxurious soap bars ( most of them include Aloe Vera gel) and take control of your skin care!

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