Let's talk about our Lemongrass face and body bar

Let's talk about our Lemongrass face and body bar

This summer, I am releasing a brand new batch of "citronelle" also named Lemongrass soap.  This is a favorite among many of my customers.

You probably have seen a few posts on instagram about my series entitled "Did you know?".  It is just a series about the ingredients that make up the uniqueness of our luxurious bar!

So we are going talk about on 2 of my favorites:

 Haitian Black Castor Oil

  • contains Ricinoleic Acid which is known to fight acne-causing bacteria.  
  • It also exhibits antimicrobial activity.  
  • Because of its Linoleic acid content it also exhibits anti-inflammatory properties.  
  • Our famous oil has a specific odor due to the way it is made but the scent is undetected in our soap
  • Because our oil is organic and from Haiti, its properties and benefits are unique

Kaolin Clay

  • Absorbs excess oil
  • helps reduce clogged pores that can cause skin breakouts
  • helps cleans the skin without irritation.

I am very much hooked to this bar.  Besides these specific ingredients, it does have many other skin loving oils and additives with fantastic properties and to top it off, the blend of essential oils with the citrus aroma makes this the bar of the summer.

Join me, join the movement to love the skin you are in with our handmade, natural and luxurious soaps.  Your skin deserves it!

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