Every Soap has a story!

Every Soap has a story!

The idea of every single batch of soap having a story is simply derived from the process and the story behind the creation.  There is a lot of joy in our little workshop and the very essence of soap making starts with a feeling.  When I make soap, it starts with a feeling, a feeling that is followed by a vision.  The vision is then transformed into the selection of the oils, additives and fragrances.  There is are a series of happy emotions that go into our soap making process and the end product carries this to its final destination.  If a soap could actually relate its journey, it would most definitely include that the process of creation started with joy and love!  I have received feedbacks from the many friends and clients that have become prestigious members of Savons des iles "fan club";  among them, is my favorite: "Can you please leave me this "type of soap" when you restock?  I love it!"  More and more I hear these statements and to think that they are the results of the interest that clients have in understanding my brand, understanding that my love and passion with making soap is transferred into their washrooms.
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